Urination comes in close second, but crying is an emotional as well as a physical release.

Just think about what crying is. In my experience, it has two components. First, the tears. Hot liquid running down your face, cleaning it. Plus they're salty; tears taste good (if you like salt). Second, the sound. While some people tear out of joy, tears coupled with vocal crying are usually triggered by bitter negative emotion. The sound made is infantile and exclusively non-verbal, crying is virtually the only excuse for letting it out.

The feeling when you want to cry, but don't: Your eyes sting. The back of your throat is constricted. You breathing quickens. You force your mouth shut because if you open it that primal sound will come out. But you can let it. Crying is powerful, fun, even. It is one of the few unrestrained things we are still (if marginally) "allowed" to do.

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