sing this all together


in another land

2000 man

sing this all together (see what happens)


she’s a rainbow

the lantern


2000 light years from home

on with the show

songs and singing by mick jagger and keith richards, (“in another land”, written and sung by bill wyman) /
produced by the rolling stones / thanks to nicky hopkins for piano / strings on “she’s a rainbow” by j.p. jones / and thanks to the brass and many others /
album designed and photographed by michael cooper / back cover illustration by tony meeviwiffen /
cover photo built by the rolling stones, michael cooper, and archie at pictorial productions

The front cover of my copy is a “3 D” of Mick, Keith, Bill Wyman, and the other two. When moved the image alters, except for the face of Jagger. Inside, on the left, is a maze in bright red, or it could be a mandala--in the center it says “IT’S HERE.” Inside, on the right--actually on all the inside not covered by the maze/mandala--is a collage, 60’s overflowing borders imagery too opulent to describe.

Some consider it the underside of The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The cover of Their Majesties does have objects in front of them, rather like the gallery of the ‘people we like’ that is on the front of the Beatles’.

’Sing this all together' was the theme of a TV program seen in Toronto and Ottawa in the late 60’s.

This was the evil album. So evil that we had to say "e-vile."

We were all happy singing along to the Turtles ("Imagine me and you, I do!") without even realizing that Flo and Eddie were part of the e-vile Mothers of Invention with Frank "Smoke 'em if you got 'em" Zappa.

We were dancing merrily with the Lovin' Spoonful as the "Younger girl keeps rollin' 'cross my mind."

Even the rawness of the Kinks couldn't stop us from bouncing around as Manfred Mann yelled out, "Do wa diddy, diddy boomp, diddy boomp."

Even when the Moody Blues told us we'd have to Go Now, we really weren't paying attention. We were all "down in the hollow" with Van's Brown Eyed Girl. Singin' and a'dancin.'

But then.

Then came big lips and his gang. They'd been trying to screw up the happiness for a while. Man, did they get their wish when they put out this album to their lord, the god of all that is dark and e-vile.

People stabbed to death in Altamont? Small change, I'd say, to what happened to the psyche in small-town America after this dark platter hit the turntables.

Some got over it. Some didn't.

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