The Turtles were formed in Los Angeles, California in the early sixties and featured Mark Volman and Howard Kalan. Signing with White Whale Records in 1965, the band went on to score nine Top 40 hits in the five years that followed, including the #1 hit, "HAPPY TOGETHER". Much of the success of the band was due, in large part, to the stage antics of Mark & Howard.

Mark Volman became famous for his wild stunts and expertise with tambourines, which was a show in itself. They were equally famous for their unique vocal blend and onstage comedy, and the two became a sort-of "Martin & Lewis" of the rock world.

After the breakup of The Turtles, Mark & Howard were recruited by Frank Zappa, to record & tour. They had a surprise coming. Like many bands from the 60's, the members of The Turtles were still in, or just out, of high school, when they signed with agents and record companies. They may have known that they had signed away the rights to "The Turtles" name, but they had NO idea that they had also lost the rights to use their own names. They decided to call themselves "Flo" (Mark Volman) and "Eddie" (Howard Kalan) and with Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, they became famous all over again.

After many legal battles they regained the rights to "The Turtles" and the use of their own names, so in 1984 they put together four groups from the 60's; themselves, Gary Puckett, Spanky & Our Gang, and The Association, and toured the US and Canada as "The Happy Together Tour". The tour was very successful and was the standard bearer for a resurgence in the interest of 60's music. The following year they got together with The Buckinghams, Gary Lewis, and The Grass Roots, for a 1985 version. For the eight months the tour was on the road it was consistently one of the top 10 grossing tours in the country.

Today, The Turtles continue to be a top draw around the world. People come not only to hear their great hits, but to be entertained by two masters of the stage, backed by a powerful band. Many fans come because they remember "Flo & Eddie", to which Howard says, " refunds", although every once in a while they do throw a Zappa tune into the show.


The Albums

    Out of Control (as The Crossfires) 1963
    It Ain't Me Babe 1965
    You Baby 1966
    Happy Together 1967
    Golden Hits Vol.I 1967
    Battle of The Bands 1968
    Turtle Soup 1969
    Golden Hits Vol.II 1970
    Wooden Head 1970

Other Releases

    30 Years of Rock n' Roll - The Turtles -
    Happy Together (5 CD Boxed Set)
    Happy Together Again Live - California Gold
    20 Greatest Hits
    Turtle Wax - Greatest Hits Vol.2
    "The Turtles - Happy Together"
    Happy Together Again -The Turtles Greatest Hits (out of print)
    re-released as German import - CLASSIC HITS -25 TRACKS


    1965 - It Ain't Me Babe (Dylan)
    1965 - Let Me Be (P.F.Sloan)
    1965 - You Baby (Barri-Sloan)
    1965 - It Was a Very Good Year (E.Drake) (only released in Canada)
    1966 - [Grim Reaper of Love (Portz-Nichol)
    1966 - Outside Chance (W. Zevon)
    1966 - Making My Mind Up (Dalton,Montgomery)
    1966 - Can I Get to Know You Better (Barri-Sloan)
    1966 - Happy Together (Bonner-Gordon)
    1967 - She'd Rather Be With Me (Bonner-Gordon)
    1967 - Guide For the Married Man (Williams, Bricusse)
    1967 - You Know What I Mean (Bonner-Gordon)
    1967 - She's My Girl (Bonner-Gordon)
    1968 - Sound Asleep (Turtles)
    1968 - The Story of Rock & Roll (Nilsson)
    1968 - Eleanore (Turtles)
    1969 - You Showed Me (Clark,McGuinn)
    1969 - House On the Hill (Turtles)
    1969 - You Don't Have to Walk in the Rain (Turtles)
    1969 - Love in the City (Turtles)
    1969 - Lady-O (J.Sills)
    1969 - Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret (Dino,Sembello)
    1970 - Is It Any Wonder (Barri-Sloan)
    1970 - Eve of Destruction (Sloan)
    1970 - Me About You (Bonner,Gordon)

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