The temptation and terror rage in the mind of killers. Dangerous nights tribal chanting. Sin dwell

I found a piece of black construction paper with these words, obviously cut out from various sources and pasted onto it. I don't know what made me want it, but as soon as I saw the piece of paper before I could even read the words I knew I had to have it. I looked around to check to see if the owner/creator was anywhere around. There wasn't a soul to be seen. So I tossed it into my car before continuing on into the store. I can't help but wonder at the reasoning for it's creation.

Perhaps it was childish whim. Sort of like the time I took an old diary someone had given me and wrote about finding a treasure. I made obscure referances to where it was, saying I'd go back to collect it when I found someone trustworthy enough to help me carry it. I even drew a map, which of course was of a place that doesn't exist. Once they were finished I bundled the two together, carrying them with me as I went to school one day. I tossed them into an empty field, and walked on. Later that afternoon on my way home I checked and sure enough they were gone. I laughed at myself, wondering if whoever had collected them would try to find my imaginary treasure. There was no reason for my doing this, just a childish game. Is this the reason for this mysterious note I found? Perhaps a bit of karma or just deserts returning to me.

A school project maybe? I pity the parents and teachers if indeed it was thus. They have their hands full, if this was the work of a child afterall. It doesn't matter what the reason for it's creation I guess. The end result is that now the cut and paste note is mine. At least until I throw it away, then maybe someone else will see it, stop and ponder at the meaning. Wonder what else was once on the piece of paper, what the rest of the messege was, question why the note exists as I do.

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