Think about this:

Imagine, for a second that it is very possible to move at, and exceed the speed of light. If you were to launch in a spaceship, from earth, at the speed of light, and you could see the earth through some high powered telescope (still imagining here) then what you would see would be a strange phenomenon. If you are moving exactly at the speed of light in a straight line away from earth and you could still be able to see earth at the same time; life on earth as you would see it would seem to stand still.This would happen because everything on earth that is happening is moving at the speed of light towards your eyes. If you are moving away from that light at exactly the same speed then you will not see any change, it will be the same light hitting your eyes because no new light is going fast enough to reach you.

In that same way, if you were moving faster than the speed of light then, under the same circumstances, what you see through your telescope on earth would be moving backward in time. Earth would appear to be moving backwards in time because you are seeing light that has already passed you and since you are moving away from earth faster than the light can reach you, you will be seeing things that have already happened. In an essence you are catching up with light and time, and events that have already passed.

In the last instance, if you were in the same spaceship with the high powered telescope moving towards earth at a high speed you would see things moving faster than they actually were. You would be seeing things that that have already happened, just in fast forward until you reached the present, which would be when you reached earth again. The faster that you are moving towards earth, the faster time will seem to pass.

A good analogy is to the stars that we see from earth. We see the light from a star in the sky. That star may be billions of miles away and may have given the light off (the light that we see now) millions of years ago. In fact, the star may be long gone yet we can still see it's light. If it exploded sixty thousand years ago, we may only see it exploding stars a hundred years from now because the light takes so long to reach us, even at the speed that it travels.

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