I just spent over four hours picking the new desktop image that displays on my new Sony Vaio laptop. This just seems wrong...

I originally set out to put a Milla Jovovich image on the desktop, but after picking through the images I have, I decided that having a semi-clothed 23-year old babe on a 38-year old college instructors laptop (that will be used for Powerpoint presentations, no less) would be inappropriate. That realization just sucked.

I now had to go digging through my old image CDs, looking for something that would say "kewl", yet without the "trying to look kewl" vibe. I poured through disc after disc (finding a cache of old Playboy scans in thr process, also inappropriate but appreciated), until I finally lucked onto a disc containing some very nifty images by fellow E2 user Yurei. Now appearing on my laptop is the image he called "gods". Prophetic, no doubt.

Now that the ordeal is over, I had to stop and think why the hell I had to find an image for my notebook computer at all. I certainly don't have to impress anybody. Perhaps I still have a little shred of vanity, or perhaps it is that I have a self-image that is much younger than my physical age.

The sad thing is that I had to create user profiles so I could get the Milla images as the background. Now I can stare at those green eyes while grading papers.

I just spent 24hrs picking a desktop image after a forced reinstall of every piece of software I use.

It used to be that I had a picture of the Assasin character from Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo 2 game. It was actually from the Battle.net1 website and I had modified it a little bit and organised my icons around it. As I said I used to have it as my desktop image.

The forced reinstall was after a long running battle with various complaints my system threw at me, and as such, it spent a lot of time in a computer store in a busy local shopping centre. I remembered to hide the links to the various sections of my harddrive that I wouldn't want easy public access to, I remembered to remove the cd I would normally have left in the drive and I even remembered to disconnect the T-piece and the cable from my DVD decoder card to my soundcard.. But I didn't remove the desktop image of the half-naked assasin with the flaming wristblades.

The cheeky grin on the shop assistant show was the first sign that something was up when I went back later that day..

"People kept asking us about your background picture, everyone wanted to know where to get it."

Beware the Perils of Picking a Desktop Image

1. http://www.battle.net/images/battle/diablo2exp/images/ass/assassinfull.jpg

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