These blasted controls don't do what I tell them to. I won't let this stop me. No one can stop me. I am a juggernaut... only subtle.
As I was saying:
Let the leopard run free no more. I will be see without being seen, for if she is startled she'll be in the limbs of another shrub. I will not be outdone by a vegetable!

But I have been. No, not outdone, I lead her there. Were she not driven toward it, his elegant bows would have gone unnoticed. It was the blindness of my navigation that is to blame, not the leaves of a tree.
Still it is there she rests and only a rifle will get her down. Were my aim not true I might hit a bird.
No more dead birds.
No more blood roses.
No more trees.
All there is to do now is to wait and lay traps. But carefully, quietly: she mustn't see a thing. The leaves will provide her shade. And distraction. I will hide behind the leaves

    Now to business:
    • Must find out about senior tree:
    • Does the tree know about the poacher?
    • What other trees are close to him?
    • Can I become the tree?
    • Must qualify leopard:
    • Did I really chase her to the tree?
    • Does she really flee from love?
    • Am I headed toward danger?
    • Must form my team, for this I will need:
    • 1 infadel.
    • 1 panther.
    • An assistant.
    • EYES
  1. Prepare for anything, that is, tend to my other business, so, should things go awry, I'll have a home to return to leopard or no.

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