Wedding reception mythology, documented as early in American history as the 1950s but more than likely developed before then. Became more prevalent in the 1970s, 1980s and beyond.

The "People From Work Table" has a two pronged definition. In its most obvious form, it is a table at a wedding reception consisting of friends of the bride and groom from their respective workplaces. The more complex form involves a collection of misplaced individuals grouped together out of convenience.

The mythology develops as we study closer. The table in question is usually one towards the back of the reception hall. Often its location is dimly lit, accoustically poor and as far from the head table as possible. The table is populated by the aforementioned co-workers of the bride and groom from their workplace, but also neighbors and friends of the parents of the newly married couple, and sometimes even more unsavory characters. At times, such odd characters as the mother of the bride's favorite butcher, the guy who fixes grandpa's motorcycle, Uncle Harry's accountant and the girl who takes care of the bride's dog while she is on vacation populate the people from work table.

Considering the general make-up of the people from work table, what results is a collection of people who are often not familiar with each other at all and who are diametrically opposed both physically and emotionally from the new couple at the centerpiece of the reception. As the reception flows and alcohol is consumed, the people from work table comes to life. For the first hour or so, they have been quietly sitting, wishing they were somewhere else. They aren't quite sure why they came to a wedding reception involving the niece of the man who bought a used car from them.

The next behavioral phase of the people from work table frequently involves lewd and outlandish behavior. They could start singing the "get laid, get fucked" version of "Mony, Mony" in front of grandma. They might hit on the groom's dateless cousin. Any number of pratfalls could ensue. Why does the people from work table exist? For some weddings, where formality and stilted, proper behavior are enforced they provide valuable comic relief. In most cases, there is a serious question of over-inviting. While compiling a list of guests for your wedding, image the ceremony and reception in your mind. Are you inviting someone you are going to spend all of twelve seconds speaking to? If so, you might want to take out that red pen...

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