The key1 phase to decoding a puzzle found in the Whoopie Goldberg movie Jumping Jack Flash. The puzzle lies herein: Whoopie had to guess the 'passkey' to gain the trust of the Mysterious Man on the other side of the computer connection2. She was given only the words Jumping Jack Flash, which is a Rolling Stones song with somewhat eclectic lyrics3.

After stewing all night over them, and frustratedly buying the sheet music and musing angrily what the keyword could possibly be, and after trying manifold different passwords, she comes upon the epiphany that "The Key is the Key"!

Hastily she turns to the front page of the music. The Key of the song is B-Flat. She types in B-Flat, and viola, she's in.

This will at some point be compiled into my pending metanode of puzzles and tricks as a Gamemaster's aid for RPG sessions.

1Pun fully intended. Mwahahahaha.
2This whole bit is patently bogus and plothole-ridden. However, since it was mostly a comedy, I forgive it that. Plus Hollywood logic does not usually comply with real logic. Such is the burden Americans bear for having the biggest-spending, if not greatest producing, cinema creation complex in the world.
3follow any of the Jumping Jack Flash links to see the full lyrics. A fellow noder has already provided them.

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