There once was girl who could cry flowers. When she cried, little flowers formed at the corners of her eyes. Geraniums, and baby's breath, daisies and dandelions. She could do this from a very young age and for a while, her parents were concerned. She didn't know why this was happening, but she figured it was one of her talents. She even began to practice crying in order to produce certain kinds of flowers. Her ability proved her to be very popular with other people, who wanted her special flowers for their bouquets and wedding crowns, for their front foyers and patios. They considered the flowers she cried to be special, even charmed. While she was happy to make others happy, she did not like to be crying all the time. She was sad and unhappy.

One day, the girl was sitting out in the park alone, trying to stay away from other people for a while, so she could rest her eyes. And a boy she'd never seen before passed by. He looked familiar to her, somehow, but not from life, almost from a dream. But she couldn't look up. Her eyes were still red and she didn't want him to see her this way, so she covered her face with her long brown hair.

The boy noticed her right away, in the park, with no one around. In a circle of light from a clearing in the overhead branches, her hair lit up with red streaks. She sat still under her hair, curled up in a pile of leaves, like a child hiding under a blanket during a game of hide and go seek. He walked up to her and reached up to touch her hair. It was soft like silk. Startled, she jerked her head away. "Why are you hiding?" he asked.

"Because of my eyes." She was trying not to cry, because she didn't want him to see the flowers, didn't want to startle him.

He cupped her chin in his hands and kneeled down to her. "I think you have pretty eyes. They're bright blue." He smiled at her.

This surprised her, since no one noticed the color of her eyes anymore, only the flowers. Even she forgot the color of her eyes, being focused on the irritation and pain held there, from all the tears.

So she got up, brushed the leaves from her lap and joined the boy for a walk. He showed her things about herself that she had forgotten, things she wanted to see but couldn't. It didn't take long for her to fall in love with him, and it scared her terribly. And she never had to cry flowers again.

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