I've always been interested in odd little statistical correlations and one that I've noticed in my circle of friends and aquiantances is the fact that fencers and belly dancers tend to pair off together. I had noticed this long before my then girlfriend-to-be took up belly dancing about a year and a half ago. More than one male friend from fencing has or has had a girlfriend who's into belly dancing and I've known several women from fencing that also belly danced. Not only that, but now that my girlfriend dances, she has confirmed that a couple women in her class have boyfriends who fence.

Why there would be such a strong correlation, I'm not sure. Maybe men who tend to be into swords are also into women who like dancing that is both sensual and traditional, and vice versa. Maybe there's a more general correlation between athletes and dancers. Maybe there's an inherant romanticism in each activity. There certainly is the Ren Faire connection, I know that. Whatever it is, I enjoy it both personally and intellectually.

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