I was driving down Route 2 last week on my way to work, and I'm sitting there, the part of my ride I hate the most... Stuck in traffic while the light delegates who gets to go first, who gets to sit on the hill, waiting and who gets to be tailgated. It sucks just sitting there, listening to the radio, watching the people next to you stuck in traffic, see them picking their nose, chugging coffee, putting on their makeup... BORING. So I'm sitting, spying on people, checking out their cars, noticing how close the dude is to me in the car to my right. Then I notice his side view mirror has been clipped, so trying to get away from that masshole, I creep up another two inches. Move on to the next car, and I see a dude talking to himself, except that's not such a big deal anymore... cell phones and whatnot, so I make my assumptions about him talking to work before he even gets there, figure he's a loser and move on to the next car. And find this lil POS red Honda. In the back up on the "parcel-shelf" I see this stuffed dog. So I begin to make my assumptions about her (it has to be a her, right??) and her lil collection of nick knacks on her shelf... and then.

The dog blinks.

I have no idea why it stunned me so much… it could have been the eyes. A truly cute Chihuahua, and I'm not talking the taco bell dog here. It was honestly a cute little dog, without the obnoxious huge eyes. This little beige doggie had the blackest, most reflective eyes. He woke up from his little nap up on the shelf, yawned, looked at me, cocked his head a bit and blinked. Absolutely heartbreaking. And I have no idea why. Then the light turned. Traffic is off again, my lane moves, her lane moves faster... trying trying trying to catch up. Eventually I was able to cut someone off and I pulled up behind the Honda. The doggie lifts his head, blinks again and then flopped over on his side, wiggles a big and just bathes in the sun coming in the rear window.

And now people are looking at me, staring at the freak in the Blazer in traffic with a shit eating grin on her face. Just sitting there, staring straight ahead, smiling like a freak, for no reason. Grinning at that damn dog. The doggie in the window that changed my whole day.

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