Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD, Acid, Mind detergent, Owsley, Sacrament, Ticket, Twenty-Five, LSD-25, Windowpane, etc.) is a good example. LSD does not have to be ingested to be fully effective. Placing a drop of liquid on the eye, in the ear, or on your fingertip will still allow the chemical to absorb into your bloodstream and make its way to your brain. The dosage vector is largely irrelevant.

During the Scott Party's return from the South Pole, many men on the expedition had their eyes horribly burned by the intense glare and ultraviolet radiation. To alleviate the suffering, expedition doctor Wilson administered cocaine eyedrops - a seven percent solution. This dulled the pain, I'm certain. Before the US Government's Drug War, powdered cocaine was administered nasally (snorted) to numb the nasal cavity before Ear/Nose/Throat surgery.

Their eyes were windburned and sunburned - the goggles they had equipped themselves with fogged so badly that vision was impossible with them on. Most men chose to leave them off, leaving their eyes bombarded by the powerful glare of the sun. The Scott party's optical distress was surely exacerbated by scurvy. Scurvy derails the body's ability to heal from wounds, even radiation damage and windburn to the eyes. I can see these men, huddled freezing in their tent, shivering under a raindeer fur sleeping bag, waiting for Dr. Wilson to take the pain away with a little white dream in an eyedropper. I wonder how much of the overall "coke effect" you get with this method of dosing? I've heard of ecstasy being taken this way...

The Amundsen Expedition wore a number of different sunglasses - smoked glass and wooden slit goggles based on the traditional Inuit design. They also ate enough frozen seal meat to offset scurvy. They suffered none of the ill effects to the eyes that the Scott expedition toiled under.

UPDATE! According to our favortite altered state of consciousness - enth, there's basically no way people are taking Ecstasy through the eyes. First off, it would burn like hell. Second, there's no way to get a sufficent dosage (60-100mg) loaded by that delivery method. plz /msg me with any other drugs you know can be taken through the eyes

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