Likely the best Disney cartoon I have seen. The show follows four Southern California best friends through two mini-episodes per half-hour confronting such issues as middle school popularity contests, promises to your parents and the responsibilities of a big brother.

The cast:
Tino Tonitini: A sarcastic and somewhat paranoid only child of a single mother. His mother is indeed divorced and they make mention of it more than once, most notably on the Father's Day episode. Tino is the planner, the worrier and the one who brings things together. While he lacks the athletic ability of Lor, the intellectual and artistic abilities of Trish and the style, charisma and good looks of Carver he makes up in dedication, diversity and the ability to take life lightly. Mrs. Tonitini, Tino's mother, can often be found cooking disgusting but healthy dinners and dispensing truly worthwhile advice through the warm eyes and cool tones of someone who has seen it all.

Trish Katsufrakis: The only child of a pair of immigrants from an indistinct nation. She is a fan of plays and is a virtuoso on the dulcimer. Her parents speak with humorously well-meaning accents, butchering phrases and verbal timing in the way that only foreign parents can. She is a vegetarian, something that she does not force on her friends and something that her friends playfully concede to. Loves radio plays.

Carver Decartes: What modern cast would be complete without the black dude? Carver's parents are on-the-go businesspeople, always leaving him to take care of his house and worst of all...his little brother. Obsessed utterly with being cool, sometimes it takes the type of bluntness that only his best friends can make proper use of to bring him back to Earth.

Lor McQuarrie: She's the pretty tomboy, ready to fight and then laugh with any problem in the world. What would you expect from the only girl in a family of 14 boys (and one eternal bun in her mother's oven). Lor's attention span is brutally short and the rigors of school can be unkind to her. She can always use a little help from her friends. They're more than happy to help. At least...most of the time they are.

The show was first aired in February of 2000, it's last episode was in December of 2001.

It can still be seen on Toon Disney, 4:00 pm Central Standard Time.

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