It had been many weeks, and Samuel was now healthy enough to walk around, but it would be awhile before se was strong enough to be able to return to the mission. Georgina was beginning to understand some things about the society she was living in, the ones who looked like her and 21st century people were called Orlov's and the people like Samuel and Honshua were called MacCuplans. Honshua told her that the Orlov's were people that sided with the MacCuplans after they and G-D first took over Britain, those that didn't went on to become the Resistance. Se also told her that there were hybrids, for example, the Goblins Commanders biological parents were a Goblin and a MacCuplan, and that se had inherited a MacCuplan/Orlov brain. The difference between that and a Goblin brain being that a Goblin is pre-programed to be a warrior, to be capable of mastering and object it came across as a weapon. This principle leaves a Goblin less flexible to develop other skills, such as language. Honshua was also learning things off Georgina, from a basic understanding of Christianity and Judaism to concepts such as computers, the Internet and social networking websites.

On this particular day, four new individuals entered the village. It consisted of three MacCuplans and an Orlov male, and they were carrying a box that looked like a coffin. The Goblin Commander inspected them and allowed them in. They moved to the centre of the village and placed the box on the ground. One of the MacCuplans noticed Honshua,

"Oh, hello Honshua" se said.

"Hello Daveed" replied Honshua, who gave sim a cataglottis.

Georgina saw this, and it confused her, was this a man and a woman kissing, or a woman and a woman kissing, with MacCuplans you couldn't tell. Daveed then looked at Georgina.

"And who is this?" se asked.

"This is Georgina, we found sim at the Frozen Monastery" replied Honshua.

"Se looks like a Resistance member."

"Hey" replied Georgina "I knew nothing of this Resistance until I came here."

"Well" asked Honshua "what have you brought with you?"

"We were ordered to collect it" replied Daveed "I think it might be....."

"People" called the Goblin Commander "the council is in session, all village residents shall come to the hall."

At which point, the entire village began to move towards a cave in the side of one of the mountains, and they entered a hall with the council at the front.

"Honshua" called the Chair "you and your group were ordered to acquire individuals from the Frozen monastery, and you acquire an individual called Georgina, may you point to sim."

Honshua did so accordingly,

"Georgina, step into the centre" asked the Chair.

Georgina did so accordingly,

"Georgina, Honshua has already told me the things you've told sim about the Age of Wizards. Se has also told me that you were captured by the Resistance, did you give them any information about the Age of Wizards?"

Georgina thought, 'don't tell them about you talking to the Witch about the laser, it will get you into trouble'.

"No I didn't" replied Georgina.

"Good, if they got the information you can provide us with, it would mean chaos. What do you understand by magic?"

"Just the stuff that Magicians and Witches and Wizards do."

"Do you know how they do magic?"

"Well I always thought it was slide of hand and superstition but seeing what Samuel can do makes me think."

"Our best understanding of magic is that magic pulses from particles of lodestone in Witches and Wizards blood interacts with particles of copper in the blood, creating pure magic which can be conducted when copper is placed near the Witch or Wizards skin."

"You know that sounds a lot like electricity, I used to think I couldn't live without electricity, I also learned about it in school."

"I'm guessing there was an ample, even disposable supply of Wizards?"

"No, I didn't really think people could make electricity like this until I came here, back in the 'Age of Wizards' as you call it we had power stations."

"These power stations, did they make magic, and if so, how?

"Well, using all kinds of crazy ways, they would spin an electric generator around, which consists of a magnet or 'piece of lodestone' spinning around a piece of copper, and it the end of the copper you got 'magic' as you call it."

"You may now return to your point."

Georgina did so accordingly.

"Honshua" said the Chair "whilst Samuel may have grievances about acquiring Georgina, this shows that se will be useful. Daveed, come to the centre."

Daveed came to the centre with the other three carrying the box, when it was placed on the floor the other three returned to their points.

"You were asked to collect a box containing a living weapon created by Sarah, the first successor to G-D."

"Yes, and having opened it early, I can tell you what it is. It is an Orlov male who had been reinforced with magic machinery at the point of death. Using blood samples, it can tell the difference immediately between a member of our people and a Resistance member, and kill a Resistance member in 30 seconds. May I have permission to open the box."

"Since there are no Resistance members present, you may do so."

Daveed opened the box, and after a weight, an Orlov male lifted his torso up. He was incredibly pale, he had extremely pronounced tendons in his fingers going down to his elbow, and he looked at the MacCuplan standing next to Georgina. He smiled at sim, his upper teeth were hypodermic needles. He got out of the box, and walked over to the MacCuplan. His upper head then broke up, for each of his hypodermic needle teeth there was a mechanical arm holding it, with his two eyes supported by stalks. One of those needles broke the skin of the MacCuplan, and took a sample of sis blood. The blood disappeared into the arm and a ching noise was made. He then looked at Georgina, and his needles began to come to her. She tried pushing him away, but he held her back, her blood was sampled, absorbed, and a beeping noise was made. He then pushed her back against the wall, and pushed to the middle if she tried to run sideways. There was much commotion as the villagers, the council and Georgina saw his tendons shrink and knifes grow out of his finger tips. At the sight of this, Honshua, wrestled sis way out of the crowd, mace in hand. Once se got out, se ran towards him, his knives almost as long as his upper arm and growing. When they had just finished growing and already positioned to strike, Honshua drove sis mace through his chest so hard it came out the other end. He fell to the ground dead instantly, faster than you'd imagine for just heart and spinal injuries, but certainly for brain destruction. Honshua led Georgina away whilst the council made heavy discussion, then the Chair shouted,

"I order the arrests of Georgina and Honshua, Georgina for being a Resistance member, Honshua for saving sim."

At this point Georgina and Honshua were taken by some MacCuplans to a cell in the cave, kicking and struggling as they went. In the cell, after trying to break the bars, Georgina asked,

"Why did you kill that Vampire, robot thingy?"

"I have this strange feeling, that I really like you, to the point that I'd do anything to keep you safe."

"You know, back in the Age of Wizards, we had a word for that."

"What was it?"

"It was love."

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