"So," asked Georgina "what's going to happen now?"

"Well," replied Honshua "Later I'll be questioned, then I don't know what will happen."

Georgina nodded in approval, and then noticed a cabinet to the side of the cell. She opened the first drawer, and it was full of green bottles, some small like the ones for beer, others large like the ones for wine. There was even a clear bottle with a clear liquid, Georgina guessed it was vodka.

"Wow, you've got booze," exclaimed Georgina "fancy a drink?"

"No thank you, one sip and my stomach will contract and my acids will burn through my torso."

"Suit yourself."

She then opened the second drawer, inside there were lots of seeds, evidently poppy seeds, and on either side there were clay pipes, tinder, flints and steel plates.

"Bloody hell," exclaimed Georgina "you've got booze, you've got opium, and for prisoners, what is this place, and why am I here?"

"It is an Intoxication ghetto; it is a place where we send Resistance members to if we catch them alive. The race the Resistance is descended from were in the majority during the Age of Wizards, so it is likely that you would have been one of them."

"Why the hell would Resistance members need drugs, what do you mean by the race the Resistance came from?"

"The Resistance are members of the Drugs race, whilst us MacCuplans, Orlovs and Goblins are of the Sobriety race."

"What the feck, you can't have a Drugs race, race is like Black people and White people and Asians."

"I do not know of the races you speak of, but our understanding of race is a group of living things within a species that share common hereditary features. It is well know that susceptibility to intoxicants is in the blood."

"Okay, so, you lot think that I'm some junkie due to my DNA, and now your boss has locked me up with a load of drugs."

"That would be the case."

"This is fecking ridiculous! You say you love me but you haven't come up with some daring escape!"

"I do love you, whatever that means, but this is strange, stranger than anything that's happened since this war began."

"Well, until something happens, I'm knocking myself out!"

With that Georgina got the bottle of vodka, took a swig and after so many seconds was on the floor giggling, then retching, then snoring. Honshua sat down, waiting for what was to become of sim.

Later, whilst Georgina was still asleep, Daveed came to the cell, and told,

"Honshua, Samuel wants to see you."

"Why Samuel, surely the Chair or even the Goblin Commander would be more appropriate?" asked Honshua.

"Se is your sibling by adoption, as is our custom, and since se is a Wizard, se is your superior."

"Very well, where is se?"

"In the corridor towards the Hall."

Honshua began walking in that direction, and eventually se saw Samuel.

"So, you've recovered from the magic binge" guessed Honshua.

"I can do one magic spell per day for the next 30 days, then after that two per every half a day, anymore and I will die."

"What do you want of me?"

"The thing that tried to kill Georgina was created by Sarah, the successor to G-D, as you already know. Our guardians told us a story about Sarah's life, it is the best story we have of our races early history."

"I've forgotten it."

"How very convenient. Let me remind you.

'G-D travelled to our Holy land and caught a crop of fish. Se ate sis fill then used the rest to make the first mortal liquids, from which se made our ancestors, the first MacCuplan Goblins. Sis first words to them were,

'go in my boat and get a crop of fish,'

and they did so. G-D then took two fish and started a fish farm on the shore. They ate their fill, then G-D made more mortal liquids, and created our ancestors, the second MacCuplan Goblins. Amongst them se created two Wizards, Jacob and Sarah, and Sarah was by far the best. Se then said,

'go in my boat, and if there isn't the room, build a boat from this fallen tree and get a crop of fish,'

and they did so. But they came across native's, who were of the Drug race, who claimed the MacCuplan Goblins were stealing their fish, and attacked them with the lightning sticks. They told G-D, and se replied,

'we shall not let them dominate us, we will go to their homes at night when they are asleep or intoxicated, and we shall rule them,'

and they did so. But one of the MacCuplan Goblins was killed by a dart, and the perpetrator was killed by Sarah's lightning. The two bodies were used to make mortal liquids, but they were not fully digested, and when the third lifeforms were made, they were scarred by undigested flesh. G-D, seeing that sis mortal liquids were impure forever, declared,

'we will only use the mortal liquids in times of war, to replace the fallen and bulk our numbers, and they shall be called Goblins, all those from before shall henceforth be called MacCuplans, and the MacCuplans shall renew themselves by intercourse as was intended by higher forces,'

and se made the MacCuplan Goblins fertile by bathing them in the mortal liquids. Se then asked them 'who wishes to have children' and some put their hands up, including Sarah. Se then gave they who asked each a sheet of paper, giving the name of another one who asked, who had opposite genitalia to them, who could provide them a child. Yet Sarah's paper was blank, and se asked G-D, who replied,

'you are to be the ruler of the MacCuplans and the Goblins when I transcend, and you are not to have the burden of child rearing, it is not your destiny.'

However Sarah was desperate, and se went to the natives village, looking for someone who could give sim a child, and it was even the village drunkard sim-self. 275 days later, many of the MacCuplan Goblins began giving birth to baby MacCuplans, and there was much chaos, since no one there had had a baby before. Then in the chaos, Sarah gave birth to a red haired baby, which was strange since there were no red haired MacCuplan Goblins. G-D knew what had happened, and se told Sarah that se had killed the baby, but infact se had given it to the village drunkard. The baby was declared a girl by the natives, and given the name Jessica.

In the later years, G-D, the Goblins and the MacCuplan Goblins raised the children, and when it was done, they began to build the Altar to Energy, and G-D began to make the first Maximen. Jessica grew up, and left the natives village to a city in the east, and became an enforcer of law there. There se discovered se had the magic gift, from Sarah, and se was seen as the darling of the Drug race, for se also got the taste for alcohol. At this time, an underground war was being waged by fishers of the Drug race on the MacCuplans and the Goblins. The leaders of the Drug race became increasingly desperate, and decided to throw the burning spear of death. But lo, Sarah and Jacob and the Maximen destroyed it in the sky with their magic, and G-D knew it was the time to crush the Drug race, to take over as much land and sea as possible. So Jacob entered the Altar to Energy, and since there were many storms due to climate change, se grabbed a storm and sent it to the land. Then twisting the sales of their boats, the MacCuplans and the Goblins rode the storm, subduing the peoples and lands as they went, until the storm calmed, and then they took no more. Then they rallied the ones who they called Orlov's to rebel against the Drug race, and the Sobriety race was united.

Not much happened, and then G-D transcended, leaving Sarah as sis successor. Sarah then asked the Altar to Energy,

'Altar to Energy, one and all, where is the danger to our rule,'

and it answered that it was the law enforcer Jessica, and Sarah sent a Goblin to kill sim. But the Goblin was easily defeated by Jessica, but se knew that se was in danger, so se faked sis death then went into hiding. There se met seven dwarfs, who independently of G-D had developed the magic gift. Sometime later the Drug race began to resist the Sobriety race, calling themselves the Resistance, but they were isolated from each other. At this point, Jessica held hands with the seven dwarfs, and they became a Magic Beacon, leading one group of rebels to another, and when they were amalgamated, the Magic Beacon created the Dragons from the water lizards in the city gardens. The force was so sudden and so powerful that the Sobriety race was pushed towards the Mountains of the Maximen. They would have been exterminated, if Sarah hadn't struck Jessica down with an arrow like an apple. It halted the Resistances path, giving those who couldn't live in the Mountains a chance to escape into the sea on their boats. Jessica became the first Witch of the Resistance, and when Sarah was informed by Jacob that Jessica was sis spawn, se declared,

'no member of the Sobriety race shall ever go near a Drug race member intimately again.'


"Are you suggesting that I am like the young Sarah and that I might cause the downfall of the Sobriety race?"

Samuel was silent.

"How dare you make those suggestions?! I know that this has never happened, but I really like Georgina, I love her as se would say!"

"Pah, you got like that with Daveed when you were a teenager! I've always suspected that you might be a monogamist. They were such an embarrassment to the ex-human race, almost as much as the Drug race, and they insisted that everyone follow their perverted lead! But that can be changed." Samuel said this while placing sis magic jewels on sis hand.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to alter the shape of your brain, and you will never be a monogamist again."

Honshua stood back, and sis ventilation rate increased.

"Be still, for the good of our race" whispered Samuel.

At this point, se put sis jeweled hand on Honshuas head, and began sending beams of magic to specific parts of sis brain. After awhile, both of them collapsed, and Honshua was re-awoken by Daveed.

"How do you feel?" se asked.

"I feel fine."

"How do you feel about Georgina?"

".....Why haven't we killed the junkie bitch yet?!"

At this statement, Daveed gave Honshua a knife, se raised sis sword and they ran towards the Intoxication ghetto. To their disappointment, the door had been left open and Georgina had escaped.

"Crisis!" shouted Honshua.

At that point, a screech was heard in the air, the screech of a Dragon.

"We have to put the killing on hold" exclaimed Daveed, "we are being attacked by the Resistance!"

At this knowledge, they ran out of the cave via the Hall.

Georgina, who had escaped via a side corridor, was very hungover after her swig of vodka, but was determined to get away, more so when she heard what Honshua had shouted. Why had se/she said that, was sis "love" part of personal scheme to use her before se killed her, or was it real and had se been twisted in an extreme way. All the same, Georgina wanted to get away. In the mountains, it was dark with the exception of the occasional bonfire. Then she heard the screech, and she saw two Dragons. To her they looked like crocodiles but with long necks and huge, bat like wings. The first Dragon had a large group of people riding it, probably Resistance fighters, whilst the second one had just one rider. The first Dragon swooped down towards Georgina, and then a Maximan jumped on the Dragon from a nearby mountain. The Dragon then vomited some liquid in the face of the Maximan, and it fell right next to Georgina. Georgina looked in horror, since whatever the Dragon had vomited had burned off the face of the Maximan. If that wasn't horrific enough, the Maximan had many mutations on its face, such as fangs and double teeth. Georgina looked away in fear, then noticed that another Maximan was on the Dragon, this time it broke its neck. The Dragon fell dead, the Maximan falling alongside it, and the riders screaming. There was a thud, the Maximan fell standing, whilst all the riders were killed on impact.

The Maximan then began skinning the Dragon with its hands and teeth. At this moment, Matts and another Goblin came along, who seemed to be playing with each other in a similar way to how Dogs do. They then started hauling two dead bodies, one each, and walking away with them. The Maximan lifted up the skinned Dragon and followed them. Georgina followed them quietly, wanting to see what they were going to do. They came to a bonfire, and Georgina watched behind a stone. The Maximan began tearing flesh off the skinned Dragon and throwing them onto the fire, likewise the two Goblins were cutting off the limbs of the two dead bodies and throwing them in the fire. Georgina hoped that this was cremation, but why were they cutting up the bodies beforehand. Daveed, Honshua and Samuel arrived, not noticing that Georgina was present. After a few minutes, the Maximan grabbed slices of the Dragon meat quickly out of the fire and began eating it. The two Goblins then began prying the dead Resistance member's limbs out of the fire with their blades. Then, Georgina watched in horror as everyone other than the Maximan took a bite of flesh off one of the limbs. She now knew that this Sobriety race cannabalized its enemys, but she didn't scream, even though the pain in her stomach and lungs was intense, since they would hear her. She then crept away into the Mountains.

When she had moved far away from the scene, the second Dragon flew down next to her, and the rider began talking.

"Are there any survivers from the other Dragon?"

"No," replied Georgina "they're all dead and being chopped up and eaten."

The rider looked away in forlorn, then asked Georgina,

"Would you like to join our Resistance against the Oppressors?"

".....Why not."

With that the rider helped Georgina onto the Dragon, and they rode off towards the castle.


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