Being the thirteen treasures of Welsh mythology that feature in both the Mabinogion and the Welsh Triads.

  • Dyrnwyn, gleddyf Rhydderch Hael - the Sword of Rhydderch the GenerousIf a well-born man drew it himself, it burst into flame from its hilt to its tip. And everyone who used to ask for it would receive; but because of this peculiarity everyone used to reject it. And therefore he was called Rhydderch Hael, the Generous.
  • Mwys Gwyddno Garanhir - the Basket of Gwyddno Food for one man would be put in it, and when it was opened, food for a hundred men would be found in it.
  • Corn Bran Galed o'r Gogledd - the Horn of Bran the Miser from the North Whatever drink might be wished for was found in it.
  • Car Morgan Mwynfawr - the Chariot of Morgan If a man went in it, he might wish to be wherever he would, and he would be there quickly.
  • Cebystr Clydno Eiddin - the Halter of Clydno EiddynWhich was fixed to a staple at the foot of his bed: whatever horse he might wish for, he would find in the halter.
  • Cyllell Llawfrodedd Farchog - the Knife of Llawfronedd which would serve for twenty-four men to eat at table.
  • Pair Dyrnwch Gawr - the Cauldron of Dyrnwch the Giant If meat for a coward were put in it to boil, it would never boil; but if meat for a brave man were put in it, it would boil quickly. And thus the brave could be distinguished from the cowardly.
  • Hogalen Tudwal Tutclyd - the Whetstone of Tudwal Tudglyd If a brave man sharpened his sword on it, if it then drew blood from a man he would die. If a cowardly man did the same, his opponent would be no worse.
  • Pais Badarn Beisrydd - the Coat of Padarn If a well-born man put it on, it would be the right size for him; if a peasant, it would not go upon him.
  • Gren a desgyl Rhygenydd Ysgolhaig - The Crock and Dish of Rhygenydd the Scholar Whatever food might be wished for in them, it would be found.
  • Tawlbwrdd Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio - the Chessboard of Gwenddolau If the pieces were set, they would play by themselves. The board was of gold , and the men of silver.
  • Llen Arthyr yng Nghernyw - the Mantle of Arthur in Cornwall
    Whoever was under it could not be seen, and he could see everyone.

Later versions count the Crock and Dish as one time and add a further item

  • Modrwy Eluned - the Ring of Eluned

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