The Sultan

The Sultan shook his balloon head
As he waved away another.
"Not enough!", he was heard to have said
To a thousand men with a price to wed
His one and only daughter.

Jewels dripped off inflated hands
As he waved away another.
He strained a few inches to shake a few hands
Of men who had crossed endless sands
For his one and only daughter.

He bathed in silver, showered in gold
Was smothered in rubies red.
If all of his riches ever were sold,
"He could probably buy a good piece of the world",
His servants were heard to have said.

"But earthly realms all fall to dust",
A wise man had once said,
"If all you live for is riches and lust;
And death is never particularly fussed
About how pampered or how well fed
His guests are, when they are dead."

-- Taken from Poetry Excerpts by ChrisMDP.

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