All the dirt on all the candidates

That just about sums up what this excellent site ( is about. They have writeups on every major politician who has run for the President of the USA since 1996. It is run by a group of people from the Pacific Northwest who are fed up with politics as usual. Their writeup on Pat Buchanan is so long and so nasty that they felt the need preface it with a half-page on his good qualities. To give you a flavor of it, I present the lead paragraphs on George W. Bush, Jr. and Al Gore:

George W. Bush, Jr.: a man who has succeeded in life through no fault of his own, profiting from sweetheart deals with his Dad's cronies and with campaign contributors. In return, he's delivered plenty of Texas state tax money to his donors and business colleagues, including $135 million of new sales tax money that went directly into the pockets of Bush and friends.

  • Did a year of community service in 1972; was it for a cocaine arrest, or for drunk driving?
  • Bush and his staff intervened to protect a huge funeral home company that gave lots of money to Bush and his dad (the former president), and Bush has lied under oath to avoid testifying in the whistleblower lawsuit that resulted.
  • Thin-skinned, he is trying to censor his critics both on the Internet and in Texas.
  • Longtime party animal now preaches abstinence and sobriety despite widespread rumors of sex, drugs and possibly even rock and roll.
  • Profited from insider stock sale just before his dad launched the Gulf War.
  • His foreign business partner at Harken Energy gained access to President Bush and the U.S. National Security Adviser (Scowcroft) after Harken purchased Bush Jr.'s oil company.

Al Gore: his hyperactive fundraising has brought him together with a grim cast of cronies, many of whom have received perks or favors from the Clinton-Gore administration; illegal fundraising at a Buddhist temple, illegal fundraising phone calls, hypocrisy on tobacco (using his sister's death for political gain while continuing to profit from tobacco stock); environmental trendiness (and hypocrisy).

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