An album made by The NO!, slated to be released some time next year (now realize, I did not specify when "this year" is, so it could concievably be released some time in 2025 or later... Just to cover myself on both sides.), it's based around virtually every Monty Python routine that the band recites every time it gets together.

While they are planning to cover "Every Sperm is Sacred," "The Ballad of Brave Sir Robin," and "Camelot," the Python mine goes far deeper. They are attempting to reproduce "The Dead Parrot Sketch" in its entirety (with some appropriate music, of course) as well as "The Bridge of Death," and many other totally random Python-related things.

Just think... "But I don't like SPAM!" followed by a short keyboard build, into bass, then guitar... and finally adding in drums. Or,... a Dropkick Murphys-esque version of of "Every Sperm"... the cool possibilities are endless, really.

Also known as "Ni!" or "The Album from Scene 23," this is the band's first attempt to mine ideas that lend themselves to their own particular brand of musical mayhem.

More as it develops.

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