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Yeah, I'm Phil, if you couldn't figure that out. My friends sneak241, LordNathan and JediBix783 told me to sign on, so I did. I've discovered a lot of interesting stuff here, especially the fact that I'm really not a big fan of getting my nodes nuked. But, you know, if I've offended you through the writing of anything, I sincerely apologize. But I stand by what I write (what of it that remains, anyway). Have a nice day, and thanks for reading. By the way, leave as much bad criticism as you want. My PM thingy is full of it. One more won't matter, and it probably won't be seen either.

For those of you visiting my profile in hopes of getting email addresses (insofar as The NO! goes)... Phil's email is Hope to hear good things from you soon...

Since the rating was sucking it up pretty bad, here's the "frizzo" node that I hope lives forever here in the hearts and minds of people that care.


A word created by Vora Johnson. It follows Rule #1 of "Vora's Rules of How to Make Things Ghetto." This rule is, in short, if you add the "izz" sound after the first consonant sound (and syllable) in a word, that word automatically becomes ghetto. Simple, eh?

Frizzo can literally be used as just about any kind of word. Conjunction, preposition, expletive, whatever your little heart desires. Following are some examples:

Expletive: "Frizzo!" (often said over the course of a long session of Super Smash Bros.)

Noun: "What the frizzo is this?" (see prior examples)

Verb: "Well frizzo that!" (during long, chemistry related discussions, or any discussion in general)

Conjunction: (frizzo = and) "Frizzo as long as we're on the subject..." (only said once, when we were trying to figure out how to use frizzo as a conjunction)

Preposition: (frizzo = to) "We're going frizzo Qdoba after school. Want to come?" (see previous, just replace conjunction with preposition)

Adjective: (frizzo (or in this case "frizzing") = extremely or incredibly) "She is so frizzing hot! I want to f**k her frizzing hard!"

Other examples of words that follow Rule #1 include:

Fizzuck, Rizzo the Rat (only not really), etc.