The soundtrack to Andrew Lloyd Weber's smash hit musical, The Phantom of the Opera.

Starring: Sarah Brightman as Christine

Micheal Crawford as The Phantom

Steve Barton as Raoul, Viciomte de Chagny

John Savident as Monsieur Firmin

David Firth as Monsieur Andre

Rosemary Ashe as Carlotta Giudicelli

John Aron as Ublado Piangi

Produced in 1987 by Andrew Lloyd Weber (The Really Useful Group P.L.C.)

Review by Leopardeye:

Overall, this is a decent recording. Sarah Brightman's vocal talent transforms the music into imagination, hope, and brilliance. Although I only prefer to listen to a select group of songs from the 2-CD soundtrack, the score is surprising well written and non-repetitive, which is extremely rare for Andrew Lloyd Weber. However he had great inspiration, creating and writing the lead role of Christine, for Sarah Brightman.

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