I got my hearing tested at work last night. They do this every ear, and track if you have any hearing loss. I don't know how long they've been doing this, and I've heard that the casino I work at didn't used to have a live band every night, but they do now.

Basically it was an exercise in a corporation covering its ass. I suppose it's cool that they taught me how to effectively put in the little orange earplugs they provide. But you can't make me sign paperwork attesting to how they went over hearing loss and my hearing test results without me thinking "yes, I agree I won't sue you later, can I go back to work now?"

They gave me a sucker too, which was not only hilarious, but quite tasty.

I'm cheap, or so some would say, so I couldn't help think of the money involved. Just bringing in two little sound proof boxes where they do the hearing tests, paying the woman who gave the test and the man who went over my results with me. Corporations are pretty crazy.

I have yet to try wearing earplugs at work. Maybe I will now. I don't like it when I deal a table right across from the band, but it's because I like talking to my guests, and I don't imagine earplugs helping me in that department. It IS surprisingly harder to deal a game when the music is loud though, maybe the plugs will help with that.

I'm just glad they didn't pull me off the table of 5 Spanish speaking young guys to do the test. That table was so fun. I speak just enough Spanish and know just enough dirty words for those guys to crack me up. They had little cards to tell them what to do, and it was good to be able to confirm some "right decisions" in addition to being reminded that we offer surrender, which is the right option if you have 16 vs my face card.

I worked 10-6 last night, which on a Friday night means the pit with the dancing girls. It's always nice to be able to tell a table full of men, "okay guys, I need to shuffle, if you could just find something to look at while I do this..."

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