The new X-Men begins at the issues of Uncanny X-Men #394, X-Treme X-Men #1 and X-Men #114. I must say the art is X-tremely well done and the stories have taken a radical change. Or at least the teams have. The new Uncanny X-Men will be focusing more on Cyclops because he happens to be a favorite of the new writers, his long love life with Jean Grey will finally have problems because of his coldness towards her, and of course when one person is pushed away, they are pushed towards someone else, eg. Wolverine, a long awaited event that fans have been urging for. The X-Men will continue in the same path, interwining itself with the Uncanny X-Men storyline, but featuring a different team like it always has. X-Treme X-Men focuses on the search for the Prophecy books written by Destiny that can spell the doom of the world. Of course this is the first time in the X-Universe that a team is wholly dominated by third world people, the only apparent caucasian is Rogue and the team is being led by Storm who suddenly has a thing with Bishop. The art for Uncanny X-men is still the same as before, but the art of X-Treme X-Men shows that a lot of work was put into it, it is greatly detailed and each page looks like it was painted. For the X-Men I must say the art is not that great, it brings the characters back to cartoon land where everything looks much too soft for an action fighting group of heroes. The heroes costumes have also changed to reflect those of their movie's counterparts and will be a good start for those just being introduced to the X-Men world. But a better starter for people wanting the movie feel should pick up a copy of Ultimate X-Men which gives a look at a different beginning for the X-Men and takes place when they are at a much younger age. Overall the New X-Men is a good change for the X-Universe who have been starting to use recurring plots and storylines and don't seem to be getting anywhere.

The 1975 incarnation of the X-Men, starting in X-Men #94 and Giant-Size X-Men #1, was at the time referred to as the "New X-Men". To be precise, as stated on the cover of most of their early appearances, they were the "All-New, All-Different X-Men." This was to distinguish them from the old X-Men, which had premiered in 1963 in X-Men #1, and was eventually relegated to reprints through issue #93 of their comic book. I guess "new" is a relative term, though; (New York City is getting pretty old by now). So are the '70s and '80s X-Men now the "Middle X-Men"?

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