A band who incorporates the Konami code into one of their songs is a great band, indeed.

At the pit of the Moldy Peaches are lanky Adam Green and the explosively-haired Kimya Dawson; Mr. Green being an guitarist and singer, Ms. Dawson being an vocalist. They do perform with other musicians, creating a larger band, but often appear as a duo, sitting in chairs.

The Moldy Peaches' songs are awash in disaffected hipster irony, which is to be expected from suburban kids who move to New York City's East Village. They're hitchhiking on a road paved by Beck, but are more likely to flag down a car by hanging Adam's penis out of his pants than do anything so bourgeois as thumbing. For emphasis, Kimya would probably be holding up a large sign reading "THAT IS HIS DICK". But, of course, it's all in fun.

That said, they're very entertaining. Adam shamelessly takes really awful solos on his guitar while Kimya laughs and pats him on the shoulder. It's hard to go wrong with deadpan delivery, comic timing, and songs about crack. You will occasionally hear the kind of sweet, simple, moving lyrics which have become an indie rock staple; "all I wanna do is ride bikes with you" being one that got to me. But lest things become too serious, the smirk usually returns. The song which features the above lyric ends with "I'm just a Thundercats ho", so don't go getting weepy.

Check them out live, if you get the chance. Picking up their CD wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

Lyrics and .mp3 versions of some songs are available at http://www.moldypeaches.com.

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