Hailing from Pennsylvania, Langhorne Slim is a young up-and-coming local musician in the New York City anti-folk scene, which is typified (although it may be unfair to say any one band "typifies" the genre, as it ends up being a lable for that which is hard to label) by bands such as The Moldy Peaches and Bad Teenage Moustache.

It becomes clear from his first interaction with the audience that slim's powerful charisma and awkward charm are as much a part of experiencing one of his shows as the music is. The music, in turn, is an amazingly original combination of old-time blues guitar with a modern day angst that manages to resonate with father and son alike. His skills at guitar are impressive, as are his supprisingly unique and engaging vocals. While playing, it is as though his body motions (and especially facial expressions) move perfectly with the mood and tone of the song, making for a truly virtuosic and powerful performance. Unlike many musicians nowdays, there is no doubt that Langhorne Slim cares deeply for every note of every song that he creates. He has recently been singed to Narnack records, and released his newest CD "The Electric Love Letter" with them.

Langhorne's Discography:

Slim Pickens:

  1. Father's Bed
  2. Counting Fireflies
  3. Flesh Tomb Blues
  4. Canned Heat
  5. Ammunition
  6. Intro
  7. I Will
  8. Without Warning
  9. Get My Gun
  10. Gallis Pole
  11. K.C. Blues
  12. Bull Cow Blues
  13. Fruit Camp
  14. Natural Selection Blues

The Electric Love Letter:

  1. My Future
  2. Lord
  3. One Sunday morning
  4. Loretta Lee Jones
  5. The Electric Love Letter
  6. Live at Bonnaroo 2003

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