the prelate impostor in grandiose premises
dangles his promises at all the lost
with offers of endless abundant prosperity
at minimal cost to his faithful and mindless.

with sweeps of his hand he musters a storm.
behind it an unborn sun there stands,
an unwelcome witness at that day's proceedings.
with daylight receding he gets down to business.

this shepherd's their lord, he renders bent prostrate
and feels up the prostates of all his adorers,
slides one then a second in straight up their blessing.
the sighs of the pressed ring endlessly echoing.

his glove stained with something that smells rather strongly
they babble in tongues when his fingers start pumping
and that's when he's got their surrendered control,
their heads to their bumholes, their scalps to their butt hair.

a goat lifts his head to see horror approaching,
an innocence poaching burglar ahead!
amusing and frightening both equal in measure
and under such pressure he reaches enlightenment.

apostate unprostrates and rises on trotters.
in chaotic protest the flock bleats insensate.
the priest is incensed, he redoubles with primate
terror the climate of his holy pretense.

but the eyes of a goat can see around corners
and laser drill bore a hole in your coat
to see what you've hidden, they see through lead walls.
a goat can see all that you did and you didn't.

in caprine stubbornness
he tramples on
the covenant

'don't you try to frighten me with spectro sancto,
i don't recall inviting that guy, who the fuck is banquo?
the error of your ways is simply demonstrated,
a god that creates blazes is a devil, face it.
muhammad preached the word of demons, so did jesus,
moses met one in a burning bush while siezing.
all your gods are subject to still higher laws,
they have no power before she whom i adore,
who put the cun in cunning and made witches wicked
and tolerates the madness with which you're afflicted..
ever seen a sparking mushroom live with fireworks?
a fairy vanish into dust? that's how my eyes work.
my pupils square the circle mate, i'm second sighted,
i doused your hells and then your heavens i ignited.'

as the apostate left there spoke a lamb
'if he's so woke then how come he's always broke?'
in a single voice a choral salvo sang
'if he's so woke then how come he's always broke?'

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