Australian band, frequently noted for clever, honest lyrics, and sweet vocals. Frequently compared to Belle and Sebastian.

Usually quite a stripped back sound: Vocals and Brushes on Snare Drum (Tali White), Guitar (Marty Donald), Bass (Mark Monnone). Often, fans of Twee find the Lucksmiths to their taste.

Apparently they do very well in the US College Charts, but receive limited attention in Australia due to the structure of the industry, and in particular, the refusal of the National Radio Station, Triple J, to play their music. They received international exposure when supporting Belle and Sebastian.

On the Candle Records label.

The Lucksmiths complete discography:

Self-titled a.k.a. "First Tape" (1993) (Candle Records)

"Boondoggle" (1994) (Candle Records)

"The Green Bicycle Case" CD (1995) (Candle Records)

"Macintyre" 7" record (1995) (Candle Records/Thirsty Arab Records)

"What Bird Is That?" CD (1996) (Candle Records)

"Caravan Songs" 7" record (1997) (split release with the Mabels on Candle Records)

"The Invention Of Ordinary Everyday Things" 7" record (1997)

"A Good Kind Of Nervous" CD (1997) (Candle Records/Drive-In Records)

"Untidy Towns" 7" record (1998) (Drive-In Records/Matinee Records)

"Southernmost" 7" record (1998) (Drive-In Records/Matinee Records)

"A Smile Took Over" e.p. (1998) (Matinee Records)

"Staring At The Sky" e.p. (1999) (Candle Records/Matinee Records)

"Banter - A Candle Compilation" (2000) (Candle Records) two songs on this comp: T-Shirt Weather and Tmrw Vs. Y'day

"Greatest Hits" cassingle (2000) (Candle Records)

"T-Shirt Weather" e.p. (2000) (Matinee Records)

"Indie Aid Abroad - A Little Help For East Timor" CD (2000) (Various)
song: Even Stevens
(Track credited to The Lucky Ladybugs as it is actually The Lucksmiths + The Ladybug Transistor)

"New Years Eve" 7" record (2000/2001) (split with The Foots and Sleepy Township on Candle Records)

"Why That Doesn't Surprise Me" CD (2001) (Candle Records)

"North American Summer" 7" record (2001) (Matinee Records)

Where Were We? CD (March 2002) (Matinee Records)

Midweek Midmorning CDEP (November 2002) (Matinee Records)

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