Between the ages of 18-28, or 1582-92, there is very little known about legendary playwright Willaim Shakespeare. It is known that he was married at 18 to Anne Hathaway, who was 8 years his elder, because she was pregnant, and that he had two more children, but beyond that not much can be said about his life.

After Shakespeare's children were born, he seemed to fade into oblivion. Ten years later, he appears on the scene of London as a rather successful and already established playwright, but nothing is known what Shakespeare did during the previous decade. Some say he traveled the world, particularly to Italy, as that is where many of his plays are based and he seems to know the landscape very well. Others say he had additional schooling. Still others say he was a family man. There are many hypotheses over the activities of Shakespeare over this gap in his timeline, but the bottom line is that very little is known. Hence The Lost Years of Shakespeare.

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