A nightclub in Liverpool, England.

If you're into rock music and in Liverpool, this is pretty much the only other option. The club seems to be cashing in on the "we're the only one around, so we can be as good or bad as we like" method of club-management. I feel that even moreso now that I've moved to Manchester, where there are friendly staff and an actual choice of venues on some nights.

The Place

The Krazy House is split into 3 floors (until recently there were only two), The K1, The K2 and The K3.

The K1: Plays rock. Lots of rock. It's nice and heavy and sometimes doesn't play stuff from the latest album of whatever artist they're playing that month.

The K2: Thursday nights range from The White Stripes and The Dandy Warhols to Green Day and The Foo Fighters. You know the kind of area we're talking about here.
Friday Nights are more of the same. Although the website bills it at "the cream of indie - hip hop & alternative dance", it's really not.
Saturday nights are groovy. All the best retro rock from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and The Rolling Stones. Oh Yeah!

The K3: Here's where the fun starts and ends. Thursday nights play what we call "dance music" This repetetive music draws in Liverpool's tracksuit-wearing scally population. The thing about these types of people (and yes, I AM stereotyping here) is that they dislike the other types of people who dwell on the floors below them, and fights regularly break out on Thursdays, not so much in the club as outside of it, when people are loitering around still talking to their friends. Do not visit on a Thursday.
Fridays in The K3 are thankfully nothing of the sort. They're exercises in "do you remember THIS song?". That's right people, a healthy slice of mainly 80s cheese is served!
Saturday nights: see the K1 for the rest of the week and lower the age by about 4-5 years. Hell, I'm 19 and even I feel old there...
Oh, and one more thing about The K3. Bring a towel. All those kids get REAL sweaty on the third floor. That's what the mist-like substance is.

Price Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Bring Enough Cash For The Entire Night

Entry is £2 before 10pm, and then it jumps to £4, then it goes to £5 after about 11:30. The objective is to get in as cheaply as possible without it being too empty. Use of fire exits is forbidden.
Drinks are relatively cheap. Shots are £1.50 for your Aftershock or tequila-style shooters. £2.70 to £2.90 for 2 bottles of beer and £3 for 2 bottles of whatever alcopop the little lady's drinking. That's right. Two bottles. All bottled drinks are sold in pairs. Nobody knows why. Probably to extort that extra sale out of someone who thinks they can only hold one more. But hey, you can give it to a friend or stranger, thereby making yourself a new friend.


I give it three out of five stars. Not bad. Could do better.

The Krazy House
16 Wood Street
Liverpool City Centre
Tel: (0151) 708 50161

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