Here's my humble translation of the lyrics into Engrish, with pipelink goodies to the Japanese words. I think the lyrics being for kids still shines through, but I agree about the music ;)

Pokemon! It is Get, yeah!

Chorus 1
For example from inside the fire, water, grass, and forest
From inside the earth, clouds, and that girl's skirt, (Eek! So persistent!)
Inside, inside, inside, inside,
But pretty pretty difficult
You must Get, yeah!
Pokemon Get, yeah!

Sayoonara to Masara town, Bye-bye!
I am going on trip from this place with this guy (Pikachu!)
Add up the wins with trained skills
Increase my friends and to the next town!

Chorus 2
All the time, any time, we'll go just fine
Even though there's no guarantee at all (That's right!)
All the time, any time, we're going seriously
These Pokemon guys are here!

Chorus 1 repeat

Tired of fighting?, oyasumi, Good night
When you close your eyelids, wake up right away (Pikachu?)
Flame burning, Wind coming,
That battle roars with loud voices

Yesterday's enemy... that's today's friend!
There's some old words, but (Whaddya mean, old!?)
Today's friend... that's tomorrow's friend!
That's right, to infinity

Chorus 3
Ah, I yearn to be a POKEMON Master
I want to be one, I gotta be one
I'll show you, I'll be one, no fail!

Dream will come true some day
Somebody once sang
And bud will always bloom to flower
Dreams, they granted

Chorus 2 repeat
Chorus 3 repeat*2

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