Suspense? Romance?

Gayle Wilson
Mira Books
Paperback, 339 pages
July 1, 2006
ISBN: 077832320X

The red covered book at the thrift shop, featuring an up-turned hand, I incorrectly assumed was like Patricia Cornwell's.

It started out okay where main character, Psychologist Jenna Kincaid, does not want to get involved with the latest serial killings, near her Birmingham, Alabama residence. But, an interviewer pops the surprise question, answering it's not her expertise, but hints, perhaps unintentionally, that perhaps he had a bad childhood.

Enter angry Sean Murphy, uninvited into her office, ticked because of her televised comments. This encounter with the male love interest, and future protector, goes like this:

“I must have missed that part. What I saw was you giving your professional opinion about the man who killed the three women here.”

Her heart began to race, although she told herself the murderer who had carried out those crimes was, according to every indication, too intelligent and far too organized to pull anything like this. whatever this man was here for, it wasn’t to kill her. Especially considering the way those poor women had been brutalized. That wasn’t his methodology. And this certainly wasn’t the setting he would choose in which to carry out those unspeakable acts.

That's the gist, she's the next potential victim, his victimized sister has him obsessed: He'll follow her to get to him. The killer teases them both.

(A Spoiler Alert!)

I finished it, like any whodunnit. The two hesitant lovers, finally give in to their desires, (it's a "B" novel), should have gone over the hospital workplace background checks then she would have known it was her professional co-worker who liked to show how psychology really works.


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