So, what does it mean?

"Very old song, actually--something I played acoustically in my apartment for years, changing the lyrics from time to time to suit whatever shitty predicament I was in. Occasionally I'd try and interest my band in it, but it failed to capture their imagination. The initial title was "Luv Gangsters." "The Idiot Kings" was the prospective title for a novel about a band I used to want to write--that would've been the name of the band.

"I don't know, we were rehearsing before the last tour before we went in to make I.B. and suddenly everybody liked the song and there it was. And then, while we were on tour and playing it live nightly, fucking Alanis came out with that "everything is fine, fine, fine" song, I saw the video standing in the lobby of the Phoenix hotel in S.F. and starting saying No, no, dear Lord, no...That's when we started devoting time in the set to explaining how Alanis and the C.I.A. were stealing ideas from my mind.

"I hated the Luv Gangsters part, so I actually wrote the batting in the light/reptile-lidded eyes part while we were at the Power Station with David Kahne. Like, desperately, in two minutes, just blurted out this verse. Kinda dig it, actually."

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