A painting by Chris Ofili: "paper collage, oil paint, glitter, polyester resin, map pins, elephant dung on linen". It includes cut-outs of female asses from porno mags; the excrement is an Ofili trademark. Its current notoriety stems from inclusion in a show of controversial contemporary British art in Brooklyn. Ofili says THVM is deliberately "sexually charged", as were, e.g., some traditional European, holy-coquettish, depictions of the Madonna. BTW, Ofili is Catholic.

Or, nominally Catholic. Sure, as his opponents say, it's blasphemy, or blasphemous in intent. But keep in mind that many non-European cultures have depicted Mary as something other than caucasian or vaguely Hebraic, and have even depicted her in the local styles - some of which aren't far removed from Ofili's work. OK, so there's no elephant shit and booty cut-outs in those local styles. Were THVM not so I-meant-to-do-that ugly (another Ofili trait), it would fit well into the tradition.

I prefer his uncontroversial, totally-abstract works anyway.

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