The Holy Power Hour was a one hour radio program broadcast on CIMN, University of Prince Edward Island's campus radio station. The show consisted of three DJ's: Peter, Paul, and John. Peter, Paul, and John were Christian Fundamentalists who preached the word of God every Sunday at 9:00pm. The DJ's would play blasphemous music and then explain to the listeners why the artist was going straight to hell. The show ran a grand total of three episodes before the three founders started to show cracks in their shining Christian exteriors. The shows weather report was done by God himself; the news was done by Jesus Christ; and every week Satan snuck in for a quick round of gossip. The show was quite whimsical at times ("God destroyed Sodom and Gammorah for a very good reason, it was because they were having to much bum sex" - Paul) but rarely received the amount of listeners it deserved. Two years after the shows demise, it was discovered the only regular listener was a strange old taxi driver. The Holy Power Hour was the creation of three founding fathers of the D.S.A..

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