A comedy from Columbia Pictures, made in 1980 but not released on video until 2000. Comparable to American Graffiti and other movies made about but not during the 1960's.

Robert Wuhl stars (in his first movie role ever) as Newbomb Turk, a member of the Hollywood Knights car club and the main perpetrator of most of the practical jokes they play. Also in this movie are Tony Danza, Michelle Pfeiffer (possibly her first movie also, though I don't know for sure), and Fran Drescher.

It's Halloween 1965, and a drive-in restaurant called Tubby's is going to be torn down in the morning because the Beverly Hills Residents' Association believes that doing so will take away the only hangout the Knights have in their neighborhood, and thus make them go away. But the Knights are busy racing in the streets and playing jokes at a pep rally, dance, and anywhere else they can.

Meanwhile, police officers Bimbeau and Clark are trying to keep things cool and failing miserably, the wife of the school principal is trying to have sex with her lover and keeps getting interrupted, and four guys trying to join the Knights have been left in Watts, naked and each carrying a tire.

Plus there's my favorite character, Dudley Laywicker, an honor student who finds himself party to many of the practical jokes, at first as a victim but gradually increasing his cooperation.

There are a few serious bits as well, mainly Tony Danza and Michelle Pfeiffer's relationship, and the fact that one older member of the Knights is being drafted and sent to Vietnam in the morning. But overall this movie is totally hilarious. I recommend it to anyone who likes '80's comedies.

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