The debut album released by Mighty Joe Plum in 1997 on Atlantic Records. I've not heard it and thus can't offer any real opinion on it as a whole, though I love "Live Through This (Fifteen Stories)".

Track Listing:
1.  Irish 
2.  Bring 
3.  Live Through This (Fifteen Stories)  
4.  Borderline 
5.  I Fell In 
6.  Friendly Advice 
7.  Too True 
8.  Miss Hollywood 
9.  Stupid 
10. Go Now 
11. Sweet Orange Marmalade 
12. Lumberjack  
13. Please (Hear Me) 
If you want a review of sorts, is always there. I'll just let it go at the fact that it probably is a decent possibly excellent album, considering they've got a lot of talent to work with. They've proven to be quite dreamy so far, I'll add to this if I ever get around to listening to more of their stuff.

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