The Year Long Prank War

The first strike in The Year Long Prank War was a spontaneous and unorganized attack. The Great Homecoming Furniture Prank was the intitial offensive against Patrick, our target and because of that fact, this battle of the war was by far the most sucessful. Having the element of surprise, as well as the inebriated status of the target a large factor, we were able to deliver an initial knockout blow similar to a Pearl Harbor.

The participants on this crucial first strike were the core members of our force. Jen, Sandy, Aaron and myself were all present in my vehicle when the plan was hatched.

Passing a large apartment complex's garbage supply, Aaron spied the couch that was laying among the trash. Jen said that we should take the couch and dump it in somebody's yard. We all agreed, and I pulled the car to the curb in front of the garbage heap. We bailed out, and I popped my trunk open. With the others grabbing the couch and pulling it free from the pile of trash, I grabbed the bungee cords that would be used to hold the beast to the roof of my car. We hoisted the bastard up onto the top of the car, and bungeed it in. Phase One was complete.

With the couch securely fastened to the top of my bitchin' Thunderbird, we traveled to the complete other side of town. Once on the east side of Green Bay, we pulled into position a few houses down from the target's dwelling. We unloaded from the vehicle and sent Aaron and Jen as advanced scouts. Making sure Patrick wasn't patrolling the perimeter of his house was pivotal. His mother in Las Vegas for the week on business, she was not a factor, so all we had to worry ourselves with was the target himself. Aaron and Jen reported back that the target's location was an acceptable distance from the window facing his front yard. With the risk factor acceptable, us four hauled the couch to the driveway of target's house. We didn't want to put it out in the yard yet, as we still had more furntiure to grab from around town. That is why this is called The Great Furniture Prank...

Whilst on the way to target's house from our initial couch pickup, we spotted another supply of prime furniture about a block away from target's house. We parked the car in front of it once again, and this time loaded the backseat with a coffee table, the front seat with a night stand, and the trunk with a LZ-Boy recliner. I drove my car to the target's house, and doubled back to the supply. Aaron and myself carried a loveseat on our shoulders while Jen and Sandy each hauled down the chairs that matched the dining table.

Upon arrival at target's house, we quickly enacted our plan. Using the Thunderbird's contents and the gear we had in our hands currently, we created quite the quaint little domestic scene. We set up said scene, and then took pictures of us in the scene in all sorts of sordid positions. The pictures would come into play a little later in The Year Long Prank War, as you will see soon enough.

So we loaded back into my T-Bird, took one last glance at our creation, and drove off in the pale moonlight.

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