Alcatraz Two: The goal of silence

Eyes focused on fresh bars,
Replaced because of rust,
I smell the saintly salty air
And hear gulls squawking
Steady against the irregular tide
And wakes of boats.

Another escape attempt last
Night. Sirens drowned out cries
Of men, and we were pulled
From sleep to make sure
We hadn't left heads fashioned
From wood.

That's how they did it, I hear--
Men taking time to carve
Crude constructions of selves
In the same room where men
Chop off fingers for a change
Of scenery. Hope springs eternal,
Like rivers, blood, and lava.

But it's quiet again today,
No word on the return of anyone-
I only think of them reaching
Shore, off this island onto land,
Able to run away from constant
Crashing waves and songs of gulls.

Danlowlite's Poems

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