The Flying Pig was a recurring character portrayed by Bruce McCulloch on the sketch comedy show The Kids in the Hall.

The Flying Pig appeared from time to time to entertain people at life's many lineups, most notably lineups for bank machines. He entertained people with his acrobatic frolicking and silly talking. After the line thinned out a bit, the he would bid the people farewell, and the people would respond in a chorus of "Goodbye, Flying Pig".

The sketches that The Flying Pig appeared in usually involved Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley waiting in a line. Soon after lamenting the law of lines or pondering whether he would arrive to entertain them, The Flying Pig would arrive. Though a recurring character, The Flying Pig only appeared in a few episodes, unlike KitH characters like the Chicken Lady or the "I'm crushing your head" guy who appeared in dozens of sketches over the course of the show. Not long after his introduction, The Flying Pig met his end when he accidentally flew into some power lines. Fortunately the power lines were 350 degrees, and he was up there for 4 hours. Unfortunately, there was nobody to entertain the people as they stood in line for free roasted Flying Pig.

The people would not morn their lineup savior for long though. Not long after his father's demise, The Son of Flying Pig was born.

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