Do you like applesauce? Foosball? Castration? A good ol'-fashioned fun time?

If so, The First Annual Level Above Human Everything Extravaganza! (tm) is the place for you!!!!! All Everythingians who have graduated to the evolutionary level beyond human are invited!!! If you're not there yet, just hop a comet and join us!

When : Late August
Where : Do's place. You know where it is!

No one throws a party like Ti and Do. No one. Anyone who was at my birthday bash last year can attest to that - remember when I got the girls to go skinny-dipping in the pool? I'm bringing them back this time around! I'll have the trampoline, a new DJ who I met clubbin', even horseshoes for the older folks! And I'll be behind the bar so bring your most creative drink ideas!

It's gonna be a blast! By the way, I promise I won't spike the punch!! Really! Hahahahaha!!!

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