Bradley Dean Birkedahl- guitar, vocals, and trumpet "Slick" Joe Fick- Bass fiddle and vocals Ron Perrone Jr. –drums

The Dempseys

Originally from Tacoma, WA; they now reside in the birthplace of Rock and Roll, Memphis where they perform 5 nights a week at Elvis Presley's Memphis. Their shows are high-octane rockabilly mayhem. Many bands' members can play multiple instruments, but The Dempseys will mix and combine all of these instruments listed above throughout the performance, often contributing to each other's play indirectly and directly (two-man guitar twangin' rock!).

The trio got involved with Memphis by landing a couple gigs at Award Ceremony / Elvis Tribute events. They stole the show at the grand opening of Elvis Presley's Memphis (alongside Los Lobos and Jewel) and henceforth become the pernament house band!

thanks to The Dempseys and this info was confirmed through their home website


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