There is a nice little path, about 300 m long, that runs from the main campus of the University of Waterloo in Waterloo to the houses north of North Campus.

Over the period of one year the following events have occured:

In the case of the rape the female student was going to turn in an assignment that was due the next morning. Some sack of shit saw her alone on the path and figured he would ruin her life. If I recall correctly was 3am at the time.

In the case of the stabbing a schizophrenic student thought that some guy was after him. He waited in the bushes for his perceived enemy so that he could kill him. Oddly he attacked the wrong person, a total stranger.

In the case of the drowning a girl, her boyfriend and their other friend were swimming in a ditch that had become swolen from a recent torrential downpour. The boyfriend got sucked into a culvert and was spit out about 100 ft away. The girlfriend saw him vanish and, while screaming, went searching for him around the culvert. She also got sucked in, but got caught half way through. The boyfriend ran back to the intake of the culvert to search for her. While he and his friend were looking for her she lost consciousness, was spat out the other end of the culvert and landed face down. While her friends were searching for her at one end of the culvert she drowned, 100 ft away, in few feet of water.

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