"The Couve" is the nickname of Vancouver, Washington, and it suggests a certain culture in said city. Some would might at first confuse this group of people with White Trash, but the truth is, there are plenty of cultured, educated people who live in Vancouver, and are true Couvies.

Some of the more obvious facets of Couvie lifestyle include eating Jo-Jo's, hanging out, drinking on the beach and going to and holding garage sales. The deeper meaning of the Couvie lifestyle is the basic unchanging nature of life in Vancouver(this despite the fact that the area has tripled in size in the past 20 years)., and a deep unpretentiousness.

Due to the fact that Portland, Oregon is getting so crowded, many people with high paying jobs have moved into Vancouver, but they quickly convert to the lifestyle there. Even if they are making several dozen K a year, they will still head down to Plaid Pantry after work to get some fried food and then go down to the Columbia River beach and blast some classic rock.

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