I need to put something in this node, in a spill your guts kind of way. Funny how music allways pulls you back, how this song played out my life for several months, lying in the darkness of my loft bed, scrabbling through tapes to find something to match my mood, and allways back to this song.

I had been introduced to the band by my girlfriend, ex girlfriend(?), is that what i was thinking about those nights, what I had done wrong in that relationship, not able to get to sleep, not able to wake up in the morning, in the winter and the darkness engulfed me. Oh it's so sad and this is a pretty mewling song for me to be going on with, what, havn't we all felt that at some point in time, yup I guess we have, and I'm not claiming any special attention, it's just that for me it was this song. I must have listened to it a thousand times, and if I close my eyes I can hear it now. The whole album has a feeling for me.

My friends, never never get involved in a trans-atlantic relationship. And how did it end?, across and back again and back together for a while and then a slow and drawn out death to it. And me left with comfy jumpers some memories and the ghost in the song.

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