The Book of Runes
By Ralph Blum

"The Book of Runes" is just that, a guide to using runes for oracular use. It features the history of the runes, the creation of this system of runes and meanings of all the runes. I believe Mr. Blum wrote the meanings based on traditional thoughts and his own ideas. However he came up with them I've found that his is one of the best systems of Runes I have encountered. The runes really tend to work for me, the readings which are drawn almost always tend to bring up problems or thoughts in my head, and also have meanings and readings from those thoughts.

The runes don't tend to give easy answers to your problems, that is not their place. Nor do they tell your fortune. Instead the runes give you a kind of report on your situation and possible ways to understand and progress from here. This is why I think they work very well. If you have an open mind and let your fingers find the runes you will find yourself picking out readings that make sense. I've never had the runes fail me like tarot cards.

I believe this book can come with a set of runes, or you can find your own set. Mine are made of a hardened clay, this is a common material. You can find some made of wood, metal etc.

No matter if the runes were originally some sort of magical/mystical symbols, there are many uses for them. This book gives a few, and also has a small section for finding your own meanings to the runes. The importance is always to let the rune lore run through you soul when you cast them, it is not important what your runes are.

A very good easy to read guide to using runes, I'd suggest this to anyone interested in rune-lore.

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