Duze zwierze - a Polish film written by Krzysztof Kieslowski and directed by Jerzy Stuhr who also stars. Sometimes the direction reminded me too much of Ere Kokkonen, the Finnish director of numerous "comedies".

The movie represents intolerance in a small city. Spectators are able to get some distance on the issue thanks to the fact that the victim of prejudice is a camel, left by a circus and adopted by mr. Sawicki (Stuhr). At first, people are nosy and even fascinated by the camel but when Sawicki and his camel don't do exactly what others expect them to do everything goes wrong: Sawicki is haunted by bureacracy and street urchins. A flute is literally playing a wrong tune.

However, the movie doesn't go any further on this. It just represents the problem and left-handidly sketches out some reasons behind it. There is not too much raw material to be left for the spectators either. Fortunately the show was free, thanks to Finland-Poland Friendship Association.

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