A novel in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan universe.

First published in hardcover by Rubicon Ltd in the United States in 2000.

Jack has recently been confirmed as President of the United States by democratic election (see Executive Orders). His latest challenge is to deal with political upheaval in a newly friendly Russia (the Bear) and a looming threat from China (the Dragon).

Spoilers Jack is the president but our everyman hero still isn't happy. He's got friends in high places in Russia and the US / Soviet alliance is stronger than ever. But Ryan has a deep mistrust of the sleeping dragon that he beleives China to be. As a result he contradicts the one China policy, raves about the irony of US military uniforms are made in the People's Republic, and spreads his personal distaste for the Chinese president's alleged predliciction for deflowering virgins.

Of course, Jack is proven correct when the Chinese launch a massive military strike on a newly discovered Siberian oil field and the US is called in to help their new Russian allies.

The book is long, over 1000 pages, and it feels it. One questions if Clancy has recently fired his editor -- and if perhaps that was a mistake. In my opinion not his finest hour, enough in fact, for me to loose interest in his works entirely.

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