A romantic comedy starring Brooke Shields, Chris O'Donell and Renee Zellweiger.

Story Line:
A young man (O'Donell) manages to botch his marriage proposal to the girl of his dreams and then discovers he will inherit millions on the condition he marries before his next birthday. The catch: he has 2 days.

Desparate, the next 24 hours are spent looking up one old flame after another, all of whom refuse his offer. His friend wastse no time in placing a classified along the lines of 'Would you marry this man for a million dollars?'. Needless to say, it hits the front page of the paper, complete with a picture. The hapless bridegroom is besieged in the church by a sea of women in white wedding dresses. 'Tis very comic scene ending with him running down the street followed by hundreds of women.

Of course, he gets his girl and his money by the end of the movie.

My opinion:
Not worth the $9.50 I paid to see it. Most memorable part of the movie is the following dialogue between him and the girl he wants to marry:

Him, fumbling for composure and the nerve to actually propose:
We have reached that stage in our relationship.
Her, wishing he'd get down on his knees or at least look more thrilled:
'Which stage?'
Him: You know...
Her: No, I don't.
Him: Uh, shit or get off the pot?

I seem to pick the worst movies.

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