My name for the decade at the beginning of this century (and millenium). Yes, it is stupid, but not as bad as the Spice Girls trying to name the budding crop of crack babies, vegetarians and gun toting misanthropes Generation Next.

  • "The New Millenium" sounds too much like something a news reporter would spew out; besides, its too long.
  • "The Zeros" Sounds -- well, just really, really stupid.
  • "The Oh's" please refer to "The Zeros" above.

    For the uninitiated, "aught" is a truncation of "naught", which means "nothing". When referring to years such as 1901, people would call them "Aught one", etc...

    I'm sure you can see where I am going with this. Not too imaginative, but I will keep with this until someone comes up with something that doesn't sound like a commercial tag line.
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